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Homer Optical Company

Homer Optical Company is a wholesale lab serving independent eye care professionals for 40 years (established 1973), with a history of providing the most technologically advanced products. We’re proud to be one of the first labs to offer Varilux progressive lenses, which were introduced to this country using exclusive wholesale laboratory expertise, in the mid 1970’s.

2010 marked our investment into Digital Lens Processing Technology. The multimillion dollar investment enables us to process today’s leading cutting edge digital lens designs in house. We offer the fastest turn around time for digital non-glare lenses in the country providing the best of quality and service to our customers.

Homer was also one of the first labs in the country to embrace in-house non-glare lens processing. With over 25 years of experience, our commitment to this technology has never been stronger. We’re equipped to offer the most technologically advanced non-glare processes and brand names, including the entire Crizal family. Our long history of non-glare expertise enables us to extend technology reserved for premium processes like Crizal, to our new VANTAGE 2 with super-hydrophobic scratch-resistant top coat and Pad Control System.

Non-glare lenses are good for your business and bottom line.

  • Non-glare lenses are good for your patients, both visually and cosmetically.

  • Non-glare lens technology has evolved and eliminated earlier problems, i.e., adhesion, dirt and smudging, residual color, compatibility with lens materials, and processing time requirements.

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